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Tour the autobahns of Germany

From the makers of Euro Truck Simulator comes German Truck Simulator, and the title tells you all you should need to know about it. Take control of a number of realistic trucks, including licensed MAN vehicles, and transport various loads across Germany.

German Truck Simulator has 18 German cities, spread right across the country, connected by autobahns and major roads. The game has a long career mode, while this demo is only an hour long. That's long enough to get a feel for the hugeness of the game! The distances in German Truck Simulator are impressive, and deliveries will take a long time as you travel the length and breadth of the country.

Like other truck simulators, this one is very much for truck fans. If you like the idea of driving a truck realistically, German Truck Simulator is for you. Driving on highways is unlike normal driving games, as you have to constantly keep an eye in your mirrors to avoid overtaking traffic. You'll be overtaken a lot! Controls are effective, and detailed enough to keep aficionados happy, while being easy enough for beginners.

The graphics in German Truck Simulator are a bit lifeless, but they do look quite good, and the countryside you'll roll through is very pretty. The sound isn't outstanding, but it's functional at least.

Enjoying German Truck Simulator means enjoying driving, fairly slowly, over long distances. There is something attractive about it, as it's so much more relaxed than most games. The career, of collecting and upgrading trucks is very much second to the experience of actual truck driving.

It's won't be for everyone, but German Truck Simulator is a solid trucking game with a huge area to explore as you make your deliveries.


  • Attractive graphics
  • Lots of places to go
  • Realistic


  • Highways can get dull
  • Missions take a very long time!

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German Truck Simulator


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